Hey baes!

Came by to say hi. Nothing new or interesting in particular to tell you about today. But if you want more insight of my life you can add me on snapchat and follow me there. 

Mar1holm1 is my username. 

I’ll come back to you after my midterm exam that finds place in a couple of hours. I need to hurry and get back to it. 



Hey! How’s everybody? 
From my side I’m still hanging in there but I’m hanging from my little finger and my little finger’s not very strong. I read the other day a text that said “College is like constantly running to catch a train that’s already started moving, and you can barely keep up with the speed. You never quite catch it but keep running for your life”. That statement is very true. 

I think my train is far gone by now tho… Can someone make me famous already?!



Hello habibis!

I’m in here for a quick update on my weekend before I continue working. Thanksgiving break is over and we’re back to normal for a couple of weeks before christmas. I’ve had the best first thanksgiving experience I could’ve ever had! My roomate Monica brought me home to her family and we celebrated with her relatives. They welcomed me with open arms and I had a great time! We also went black friday shopping, explored downtown Minneapolis, and visited The mall of America. Needless to say, I went crazy on our shopping trips.. 

Vegan mexican food, yum!

We also baked vegan pumpkin pie, and it was the best!! Monica’s family were very so incredibly kind and always made sure that I had enough vegan food to eat. I’m so grateful.

How was your break? ❤️

We did it

Ladies and gents, we’ve made it! I’ve reached 322 followers on my blog now, which means I’m gonna have to start filming for you guys, as I promised in an earlier post. 

I’m curious about your wishes tho,  what do you want me to film? Any challenges? A day in my life? A specific workout? 

Please let me know in the comments and then I’ll see what I can do for you. 

Have a fabulous day, sweethearts! 


This week has been crazy, I don’t even know where to begin. On tuesday I got the message that a family member of mine had died in an accident. Later that same night, Trump got elected as president. Other stuff that’s not blog-able is also going on. On top of that, these little shitty happenings keep coming at me, like recieving a bill on over $1000, for something I was not supposed to pay for in the first place. Karma, give me a break. 

Hope you’re having a better week than me. 

Much love.<3


I need a day in silence for the world after this election. How can people continue their life as “normal” after watching who the new president is? This night got me feeling like I wanna fake my own death and run away to a lost Island, away from all humanity. I definitely don’t want my future kid (if I ever decide to get one) to be born into the world as it looks like at the moment. Ugh, I feel so hopeless and empty right now. 



Today I woke up in the best possible way. As usual, I scrolled through my phone after the alarm went off and when I opened my snaps I recieved fabulous news from my dear friend from Norway. She went vegeterian today!! I am so happy and proud of her.

@wanvikmari on instagram. Shoutout to her for being an awesome and compassionate human being.❤️ Go ahead and give her some love.

Hope you’re all having an amazing day. Peace out!