This weeks…

What am I grateful for this week? This week has been filled with tons of work, Therefore, the moments I have had to read a good book, workout, hike outdoors and be with friends have been the most precious ones. I am truly grateful for my friends, family and living nearby such stunning wildlife.

What made me smile? Tuesday was Norway’s national day and on that occation we went over to grandmas house to celebrate, she surprised me with vegan food and -cake just for me! How cute is she tho? I told her about going vegan a while ago, and she researched for vegan recipes so that I could eat with them too, I am so blessed to have her in my life.

vegan cake

Did I accomplish this weeks goals? Undoubtedly, my goal this week was to finish my english exam with a good grade. I finished it on friday and I have a good feeling about it, hopefully it went well.


This weeks best workout? This one is hard, haha! Nevertheless, I have to say the run I had on monday, there is no better way to start the week than with a killer-workout! In addition, the weather was flawless and birds were twittering -perfect.


Proudest moment? I have to say, the moment I finished my english exam and were DONE for the week. Jeez that felt good! Thus, now I have rested and I am ready to kick it next week too.

This weeks song? Don’t mind – Kent jones has been on repeat constantly.

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