Not knowing is the hardest part.

Generally speaking, most people will agree with me when it comes to the fact that it is hardest not to know, no matter what, wether it is grief, breakups, loss, difficult work situations, sports, etc. Luckily, what I am going to talk about today is not that serious, but the sjubect matters to me more than anything right now. College. 

My nerves are killing me! Both exams and not knowing what the outcome on my college application will be, are nerve wrecking. Should I cry? Smile? Laugh? Not least, how the h*** can I manage to focus on tests in this mess? 

All there is to do right now is to stay calm and work harder than ever. Just one more month and I will get the answere I am so afraid of. Nevertheless, If I do not get in, atleast I know and then I can finally be able to move on with my life. No matter the outcome.

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