Vegan Dinner Recipe

When I got home today, there was leftover pasta from my fathers dinner, so I made my own twist to it and it turned out great. Therefore, I want to show you how I made it, but remember, spices clearly does their part when it comes to this meal, since the rest of the ingredients (except onion) are a tiny bit tasteless, so choose some that you prefer.

You need

1 onion,

1 carrot

1 package of crossed tomatoes

1 package of beanmix

1 casserole

1 rasper/cheese slicer

mixed salad.

  1.  The pasta was already cooked when I came home, so I did not do the first step which, obviously, is to cook the pasta. Boil water, put the desired amount of pasta in the casserole and wait for it to cook for approximately 7 minutes. While you wait, rasp your onion and -carrot.  Then pour out the water.
  2. Now comes the fun part, take the crossed tomatoes and beanmix in the pot. Thereafter, the rasped onion, -carrot and what spices you want, I used chilli, timian and curry.



3. Let the different ingredients boil together so that the flavours mixes well, 5-10 minutes. While you wait, decorate your plate with mixed salad.

4. When it is done, place it together with the salad, spice it up if needed and enjoy your meal!

I did not manage to eat everything, indeedly, this recipe was a bit too much for one person, so I just take the leftovers for lunch tomorrow. NEVERR waste people!

Moreover, it does not necessarily look good, but trust me, it is! In addition, it is done in 1-2-3, and you have a meal filled with protein, carbs, vitamins and minerals, all the nutrients you need to kick ass and run the world.

Make the best of the rest of your day.

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