Work meeting & computer trouble

Yesterday, after school I had a meeting with work. Whereas, it was only to sum up some of the standard procedures, before the busy summer-season.

Furthermore, When I got home around 20.00 and tried to log on my computer, it refused to work, so I am having big trouble today since I am supposed to work for a test that I have tomorrow..


My computer lasted all year, but now that I am in the middle of finals, it decided to quit on me.

Nevertheless, I saw something very pleasant to my heart that made my day a lot better, when I scrolled down facebook this morning:

Organic and vegan wine and baileys! How amazing is that?! We are making progress for ourselves and for the world, that makes me very happy.

Talking about vegan; yesterdays dinner was beyond delicious!

Springrolls and wok, nutrients for my mind, body, soul.

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