Pull your shit together

Time to get organized! This way of living is just not for me, I have to take charge over my own life and get it together. NOW. There will always be stress-triggers, but it is up to me to handle it right. If I need to do yoga, excercise and mindfulness to be happy, while taking an education, I sure as hell should do it. It is all about how I use my time and energy. 

From now on, lists, coffee, organization and effectivity are my bestfriends. 

Lets do this! 

12 thoughts on “Pull your shit together

  1. I could almost hear the “woop woop” when I read this post! Can I suggest another best friend? Yourself – you may just find that if you gently encourage yourself rather than beat yourself up you may enjoy whatever you’re doing more (having beaten myself up for years I have learned this is true for me – it may not be the case for you). Anyway, good luck! I’m rooting for you 🙂

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    1. You have indeed a very good point! I will most definitely try to use your advice in practice. Thank you so much for your both your input and your encouragement. I really appreciate it!:)

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  2. Thanks for liking my blog, the dragon journal. It’s all about the philosophy of personal growth and evolution by way of developing a practice of focused mind and heart. Best in your journey and to that of your readers.

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