Two men whom helped me with my insomnia

Since the day i was born, I have been a nocturnal person, the struggle of functioning at school and at work after two nights in a row without sleep, are beyond. Therefore, the contentment I felt was enormous when I discovered that the videos by Michael Sealy and Jason Stephenson worked for me.

Generally, these men make meditation/hypnosis videos and post them on each of their channels on youtube. Moreover, they make videos for whatever need you can think of, for instance; Insomnia (as I mentioned earlier), positive mindset, detachment from over-thinking, stress relief, anxiety, depresson, OCD, confidence, body-scan, self esteem..etc. I could go on forever. In addition, they have also made collaborations together, which is priceless if you ask me.

Conclusively, I would like to say that if some of my readers struggle with sleep as well, then I hope that you try this! Changes are, you will most likely be just as grateful as me.


xx ❤

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