Astronomers discover galaxy full of gold

I do not know about you, but the universe facinates me, therefore, I read alot about it to gain knowledge about the matter. As a result, I came over a very interesting article today, that  I rewrote a bit, to shorten the content and make it more legible.

For decades, scientists have been looking for the origins of some of our most expensive precious metals on earth. Now they may have found the answer in a rare dwarf galaxy 98,000 light-years away.


The gold jewelery you have at home, is perhaps more traveled than you first thought.
In nearly six decades, scientists worldwide have tried to find the answer to how precious metals such as gold, silver and platinum originates, and now they might have found the answer.
They have found that a dwarf galaxy about 98,000 light years away have stars that contain vast quantities of the so-called r-process elements. Both silver, gold and platinum are r-process elements, which require astronomical amounts of energy to produce and which, of currently unexplained reasons, ended up below the earth’s surface.


In addition, physicists now think that they originated from the stars in the newly discovered dwarf galaxy reticulum II. More specifically, they believe that the metals have arisen through star explosions in the galaxy, who later brought the metals all the way to planet earth in the form of asteroids.

universe 2

If you found this as interesting as me, you can read the main article by clicking on this link.

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