Vegan dinner inspiration

It is quite common for most of us to experience periods where we feel uninspired when it comes to food. Generally, the problems occur when we are facing the never ending dinner questions.

“What dinner should we have?”

“No, we ate that yesterday”

“We can’t eat pasta today, Felicia is tired of it”

“Mom! not baked potatos again?!”

Therefore, I dedicated this post to give you dinner inspiration, from some of the dishes I have made in the past couple of weeks.

Pasta with broccoli, chickpeas and legumes.

Broccoli, pasta, kidneybeans, mashed tomatoes, onion and carrot.

Salad with pasta, beans, chickpeas, lenses and optional vegetables.

Sweet peas, beans, scallion, meat substitute, carrot and more optional vegetables.

Homemade sweet potato chips with a wok containing spinach, broccoli, onion, carrot and other goodies.

Vegan burger served with wok and green tea.

Vegan springroll with wok, again, I added some beans for the protein.

They are all vegan ofcourse, but if some of you non-vegans are here on my page, I hope this inspires you to try a vegan meal, or to explore the lifestyle. Besides, never have I ever eaten a boring meal during my vegan lifestyle.

At last, Hopefully some you found this helpful or that it solved some barriers in terms of food.

Wish you the very best!

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