Today, I want to share great information to all my pasta lovers around the word! I know there are a multitude of you, me included.

Many people experience stomach aches after eating pasta, because it is a bit heavy to digest, therefore, I want to show you a healtier option that is less painful for your tummy. In addition, they are free of gluten, so if you have gluten intolerance, no problemo.

I do not know if this webshop ship their orders outside Scandinavia , but I am 90% sure they ship anyplace here in this area (Scandinavia). Regardless, you can check out their web for more information.

The “pasta” I am talking about, is made out of beans and/or peas which makes them high in protein and much healthier than regular pasta. Also, they are just as easy to cook. When I first found out about them I became so happy! This is seriously amazing for us vegan health-freaks.

Best wishes ❤


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