This weeks

What am I grateful for? 

Yesterday I celebrated my birthday, since, I am turning twenty the upcoming tuesday and we can not drink that day, because we are preparing for our exam whom will be up on wednesday, also, it is in the middle of the week, duh. Nonetheless, I am so grateful for all my amazing friends and all the laughter we had. I seriously had the best time (of what I can remember, lol) and it makes me so happy to know that I have such awesome people in my life!

What made me smile?

My friends and celebration obviously, and my amazing “relatives” whom let me stay with them during my time in Bergen. They were so kind to me and I really appreciate that.

Proudest moment?

Undoubtedly, the moment I walked out the building after finishing my IELTS test, I did not feel like I managed to show them my very best, -but I did it and I am done! In addition, today I have been feeling proud for all the things and stress I have handled and dealt with. I was not looking forward to this week due to everything I had to do, and I was very nervous about the IELTS, coming home and make everything ready for my party in half an hour and implement everything I had on my schedule. Now I am done, proud, grateful and relieved.

This weeks goals?

As mentioned above, I had a lot on my schedule this week and I was not sure if I could manage all of it, but I did. I accomplished every mission and every goal. IELTS test, birtday celebration, school tests, catching every flight and so on.


This weeks best workout?

Sadly, I have been dealing with shin splints this week, therefore, I had to take a break from my workout routine. Not very pleased about that, but my leg feels better now and I am ready to kick it tomorrow!

This weeks song?

Bob Marley -My man! I adore him so much for the big heart he had, and I am so grateful over the fact that i lived and made such positive impact on the world before he left.

I listen to his music all the time, but “Is this Love (montamartre remix” is definitely my favourite this week.

What are YOU grateful for?

Big hugs ❤

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