Bipolar weather and “A universe from nothing”

Just when I thought that the summer had arrived for good, it decided to quit on me, as usual. No bad feelings tho, being a norwegian makes you used to this kind of bipolar weather changes.

Besides, I even decided to take a powerwalk outside in the adverse weather, to move my body a little bit and to check if my shin splints could handle it. Unfortunately, I am still in pain, but at least I could walk for a longer distance than I could a couple of days ago. Progress is progress, no matter how long it takes.

Now I am back home, and I am about to start reading a new book whom I bought with me from my stay in Bergen. I have already read a third of the book, since, I am too curious to stay away from it, due to the interesting topic this book concerns. The universe.

There is so much to learn about this subject matter, and the universe is really something that enchants me. How amazing is the universe tho?! We were all made from the same stars, never forget that. There is stardust running through your veins, meanwhile you worry about how many likes you get on an instagram post..? Let that sink in for a moment. just think about it. There is so much more to this world, than what most of us use silly amounts of energy to stress about. Open your eyes, seek knowledge and use your energy on what really matters.

Moreover, please discuss factual, interesting and intelligent topics with your friends. What jeans Felicia wear, or how much makeup Stacey puts on her face does not matter. Not now, not five minutes from now, not ten years from now. Capiche?

Much love ❤



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