Sometimes, all you need to get some inspiration is to take a walk amongst beautiful wildlife, feel the atmosphere in the nature and watch the gorgeus sunset. I felt very unmotivated today. After publishing my last post I took a nap for three hours and felt completely drained of energy. My shin splints just will not let go, so I can not excercise as much as I desire. I find that to be a liiiittle bit depressing, when one of my goals for this weekend was to get back in my workout routine.

Consequently, I decided to watch a movie to get my mind off the issue. After a while of laying on the couch, I could not take it anymore, I had to get outside and move my body. Moreover, I am very pleased with my decision, because now I feel alot better. Indeedly, it hurts a lot, but I took it easy and slowly instead of running as I am used to. In addition, I got more inspiration considering blog, work, books, school, future plans and so forth, after my hike. It is amazing what a little break outside can do to the mind. At the moment I am writing all the ideas down on paper, so that I have it for later, if I feel stuck on something.

Wish you all a happy friday, whether it involves drinking, movies, studying, work, or other hobbies. ❤

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