Round 3 (or 5??)

Admittedly I have lost track of how many rounds of color removal I have been exposing my hair for. Regardless, it needs some more, because I am far from blonde yet and I should have been blonde preferably yesterday, yet here I am with my half brunette lazy ass, ready for hours of hair torture. Better late than never?IMG_2138

In addition, I am thinking about self tanning afterwards. I have a bottle of self tanning spray from sunspa that I need to finish. As far as I am concerned it is not vegan, therefore, I need it gone from my life so I can start using a vegan one. Indeedly, I bought it before I went vegan, and I have not used it in a while so that is why I still have it, but not anymore!


Nevertheless, I have been searching for another one who is vegan and I found a mousse from “loving tan”, which many say is fabulous when it comes to both application and colour. Therefore, next time I am buying self tanning, this is the one I am going for!


Hugs ❤

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