Vegan Snack

I went grocery shopping today, and while I was there I decided to try something new. Variation is never a bad idea when it comes to a healthy lifestyle, and I have not tried anything new in a while so I thought it was about time.

Currently, I am in a period where I crave bananas ALL THE TIME, and I have eaten a lot of it, but today I decided to buy dried banana chips to try a new twist. Also, for a long time I have been wanting to try the vegan chocolate dessert from Alpro. I must say, I got a pleasant surprise when I tasted it! Much better that non-vegan chocolate pudding. 

In addition, I came up with the brilliant idea to combine the two of them, and use the chocolate dessert as a dip to the banana chips. 

Admittedly, I feel like a genius right now, because they complimented each other perfectly! If you ever crave sugar, sweets or chocolate I can safely recommend this to you, because it does not contain many calories, and I insure you it will please your cravings.

It is saturday, so enjoy your sweets without guilt! 

Much love ❤

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