This weeks

There is no better way to start your sunday, than to make yourself a hot, black cup of coffee and contemplate over the past weeks positive outcomes. Having “This weeks” as a regular post every sunday helps me focus on the positive sides of life, and i recommend you to do the same. Whether you write it down in your journal, notes on your phone, or your computer. Nontheless, here is my version of this week.

What am I grateful for?

This week I am grateful for having a house located so near both the sea and the forest. Basically, I only need to put on my running shoes and go outside the door, then I am already out and about amongst gorgeous nature.

What made me smile?

Tuesday was my birthday, and on that  occation I recieved many beautiful birthday wishes and pictures from past memories with my friends. Those definitely made me smile and warmed my heart deeply. I appreciate every single one of them. In addition, my grandmother and sister came over for coffee and they brought vegan cookies and strawberries whom we ate together while chatting, they also came with presents for me. Undoubtedly, we had a great time and it means a lot to me that they came over to celebrate me the day I had my actual birthday, even though I celebrated it the saturday before. Besides, roses and chocolate appeared on my door with a note saying “Happy Birthday Maren.”.I am still wondering who sent them (?), it did not say who it was from, so that is a mystery.

Proudest moment.

I can not remember being particularly proud this week, there has not been any big tests or challenges, indeedly, this week has been much calmer than the last (thank god!). Besides, we are mostly just going to school to watch movies or play games, since we are more or less done for the year, the only thing left is the process of oral exam, which begins on tuesday. With that being said, I am proud that I got this far tho!! Next friday I am done with 13 years of school people! That is crazy.

This weeks goals.

This week I promised myself to clean the house and continue the process of getting blonde again. Clearly, I did not have very big goals to strive for this week, but I decided to take it easy on myself after being hectic for so long. Besides, it is done so I am pleased with myself. As I wrote to you yesterday, I did another round of hair colour removal and I am about to do the same after publishing this post. We will see how far I get in the process today, maybe I have to buy more hair colour removal tomorrow.

Best workout.

I have been nagging about this damn shin splints to you guys for ages now, so I am not going to talk alot about it today. All I can say is that I am happy I managed to run yesterday, and it was, undoubtedly, my best workout this week!

This weeks song.

I do not remember how I found this song, anyway, I have been listening to it repeatedly this week, without getting tired of it. Generally speaking, many laugh of Miley after her transformation and does not really think about how she got to this place. What people do not realise is how much pain it takes for someone to change so drastically. Many people listen, without really hearing. Hear her lyrics.

What made YOU smile this week?

Big hugs ❤

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