Be strong enough to stay soft-hearted

It is a mystery to me, why some people salute those who act cold, heartless and rude. In my opinion, there is no strength in insulting other people or being unaware of your own and others feelings. In fact, strength is shown by being vulnerable and brave enough to refuse to let bad experiences harden your heart after being hurt one or three or eight or a thousand times, even though, you know being kind and caring can sometimes cause pain. You can let your life make you bitter or make you better. The choice is yours to make.

No, not everyone you meet will treat you with the respect and love that you deserve. No, Not everyone you meet on your path in life will greet you with the compassion and kindness you expect.

You know what that is a sign of? It is a sign that the world needs more of it. So double your dose of love. Double your dose of respect. Double your dose of compassion. Double your dose of kindness. If you experience lack of these factors, it is clarified, your world needs more of them. Therefore, throw love and kindness around like confetti.


You either take what has been dealt to you and allow it to make you a better person, or you allow it to tear you down. The choice does not belong to faith, it belongs to you. What do you want?; A life filled with fear of feelings, or a life filled with wholehearted, giving experiences that grows you as a person, no matter the outcome?

In addition, having feelings lies within our nature, why salute acting like something else? Feelings are not scary, they are a natural part of our being. The one thing we do not need in the midst of a struggle is shame for being human. Besides, real fearlessness is the product of being tender, it comes from letting the world touch your raw and beautiful wholehearted soul, with whatever it chooses to give you. That is courage. That is being brave.

If you are standing on your feet as a humble person after being heartbroken and hurt, I salute you! I salute you for your strength, courage and incredible heart that will still choose love and kindness, any day. It is better to love with a whole heart, trust with a whole heart, and give with a whole heart. Than to never experience the beauty of love, the reward of giving and the comfort of trusting.


(yes, I am still using old pictures because my hair is a mess..)

It is the experience that grows you, not the fear of it. Be human to the fullest! ❤ 






9 thoughts on “Be strong enough to stay soft-hearted

    1. That was a beautiful thought and beautifully written. And pretty apropos for my day. I came out as trans female at work today. A hell of a lot of Courage to do that. But it’s done now. I’ve gotten a lot of support from a few carefully chosen friends at work before then, and several more after. I’m feeling really good, although a bit shaky too. As you said, we can choose who and how we will be. Courage and compassion are the better way to go, and honesty.

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      1. You are very brave for doing that! It pleases my heart to hear that you took the courage it takes to come out and be true to yourself❤️ I am cheering you on, and rooting for you!

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