I am utterly disgusted, and I feel deeply for everyone in Orlando being forced to experience this tragic act of terror. As I see it, this is a sick man whom did not get caught up by the system, when he should have been. Every single individual, no matter their sexual orientation, gender, age, religion or belief deserve to live, no matter what. This world and all colourful beings in it, are too unique and precious to go to waste.


The only way to outdo hate is to love, care and be kind to everyone around you. All change starts within you. I am not saying that YOU alone have the responsibility to stop this NOW. What I am trying to say is, you have the power to make a change and to contribute to positive alterations. Live and let live.

Orlando blå

Similarly, how we need to react to this horrible, tragic shooting is to love. I know it seems challenging, but do not think about judging, changing or being too fearful to live because of this incident. We must gather together, take great care of the victims dependents, and refuse to let this hateful act confine us. Fear and hate is what this terrorist want us to feel, the only way we let him win is to spread those feelings amongst us.

Orlando flagg

Much love to all of you. ❤


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