When you go into the forest and look at trees, you see all kinds of different variations. Some of them are bent, some are straight, some are evergreens, some are young, some are broken, some are old and some of them are whatever. What matters is, you look at the trees and you allow them. You can see why they are the way they are, according to their circumstances, and you understand that one did not get enough light which caused it to turn away. While another tree is in the midst of a sunny spot, which caused it to bloom in all its glory. In some areas there has been heavy weather, which caused major breakages. Further, You do not get all emotional about it, you just allow it. You appreciate the nature just the way it unfolds.

The minute you get near humans, you loose all that. Many people, have an ugly habit of saying “she is too this” or “he is too that”. The judging mind comes in, and they forget that all human beings are a result of nature, just the way trees are. I have had this kind of mindset myself earlier, and I am not afraid to admit it. I think we have all been there at some point growing up. 

However, start to practice turning people into trees (careless of how stupid it may sound) and learn to appreciate everyone just the way they are. As a unit we compliment eachother and make a perfect composition. Some of us may not have gotten a lot of light, others may have enjoyed all of it. That does not mean some of us are more important or more perfect. We are all perfect individuals of nature’s own beautiful creation.

Remind yourself. Every day. 

Hugs ❤

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