Give yourself the compassion you deserve

There is no secret that a huge body pressure flourishes amongst us with all its dismay, as I write. Sadly, it is more common nowadays to constantly strive to be more or less of who you are, than to accept and allow yourself to simply just be you. It looks like people are constantly on a mission to get more edited, more perfect, more renovated, more injected, and less human. Less real. Admittedly, I have experienced this pressure myself, and I have also been striving at a certain level. At one point I remember considering getting silicone, luckily, I got over it in the end, and I never went too far in terms of unnatural interventions. One thing that helped me stop this vicious cycle, was the thought of how on earth I would be able to teach my future child to love itself, when I could not even do it myself.

With that being said, let me clarify that I am not pregnant, I have no children and I am not planning to get one in the nearest future. But when I get one and this matter becomes a subject, I will try to convey something similar to the following lines:

For example, if I take a moment to look at my body in the mirror as it is, not to find mistakes -this body is not an object of criticism. Rather to contemplate it genuinely, I can look at it as a map that tells many of my experiences and stories through life. Good and bad.


The scar on my knee, is from when my father teached me how to ride a bike, after buying me a brand new bicycle for my birthday when I was a little kid, I fell numerous of times and bruised it, which eventually faded into the scar I have today. Thinking back at it now, it is a beautiful memory to have marked and be reminded of. The bags under my eyes are (not chanel) from many sleepless nights owing to insomnia, late night study sessions and night shifts of working, to save money to do what I desire. For instance, going on long roadtrips and other adventures with my friends, buying the newest makeup whom I thought I needed (but now use because I think it is fun and inspiring), and to afford taking further education. This can be seen as a reminder that I am tough enough to work hard and achieve what ever I want in life, they are well earned in other words. Further, I am starting to see hints of fine lines around my mouth and eyes, because I have lived a life filled with laughter. I can also see the indication of a little frown between my eyebrows, because I have been worried about how my life would turn out, whether I would make it through my teenage years, finish my education and figure my life out. I have also had my share of struggles and heartbreaks, but that is what makes me beautiful, interesting and worth knowing. Those experiences have given me stories, strength, wisdom and knowledge to bring to the table

I inherited my mothers pale skin and narrow lips, whom I was not particularly exited about in the first place, but learned to accept. No one has the right to tell me pale skin and narrow lips are not good enough. It can be just as pretty as tan skin and bold lips. There is no right or wrong way to be beautiful, because beauty lies in the eyes of the beholder. People also shift their view on what beauty is according to capricious trends, and they come and go speedy as the wind. My body conveys a tiny excerpt of my journey from being a newbie to becoming the proud young woman that I am today. Without injections or plastic surgery. Because I was not born to please anyones eyes, nor was I made to take criticism from anyone on my outlook. My body and everyone elses body are a machinery made to function, to live, and to manage all the obstacles we will be facing through living our life. My body is a revolution from thousands of years with generations improving abilities needed to handle life as it is, and have been for our species up to this date. My body is raw, real and magnificent. So is yours, and the older you get, the more experiences will be added to your body map. That is not ugly, or disgusting, or dangerous, or scary. It is stunning. Never let anyone convince you otherwise. You are too worthy. Too precious.

In addition, you have so much more to offer than what the body carrying you looks like. You were handed your body as an opportunity to live life to the fullest, so use your money to grow rich on experiences, paint more life to your body map to make it worth reading, and use this opportunity for what it is worth. You are a soul that has a body, not a body that has a soul. Yes, there is a difference.

Practice self love, not only for yourself but also for your future or existing child(ren). That may be a bigger motivation to do so. Try to be the person that your inner insecure child needed -and your descendant will thank you.


3 thoughts on “Give yourself the compassion you deserve

  1. this post made me think a lot. With this I thought now technically I can perceive someone beyond my first impressions. It’s like people may have their free-will, but at the same time people are products of their own experiences, are limited tools of their own soul. Somehow think and see people like that does bring me some relief (at least when I see ones who I do not feel comfortable so far). So I think the post is mindful. Thank you for writing this.

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