We made it

Currently, I am eagerly trying to find pictures from my last year of school, unfortunately, I have to say that I have not taken as many as I should. My first thought making this post was to reminisce on my memories throughout this year, since, there is numerous of them. We have been on several school trips, including one to Oslo, so the fact that I did not take any pictures is a bit sad.  Oh well, I can always share some of the few pictures I actually have.

I have had an amazing year, and I am grateful for all the amazing people I was so lucky to share it with, both teachers and fellow students. In addition, I recieved a diploma for “this years bookworm” (many people who know me in real life might not know this, but I am ,indeed, a big reader), a book of poetry from my norwegian teacher, and a sweet note from my english teacher. That was so sweet and I am very grateful!


Now I am off to work, time to save some money so that I can put my future plans into action.

Wish you all a great day. ❤



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