Help fight the dog meat festival

Hey sweethearts.

I have a serious subject I want to talk about today, -the dog meat festival in Yulin. I found out about this phenomenon a while ago, and I signed up and donated as fast as I could! I hope that you will do the same, because this “festival” is utterly tragic, and it makes me sick to my stomach. The fact that some people torture other creatures for entertainment, are so surreal to me. These animals do not need or deserve, to die or to get tortured, so please help them.

If you want to sign up to keep track of the festival, potential progress , and recieve news about it, sign up here.

Also, below you can read some facts about the festival, taken from the “Human Society International” homepage, where you can donate and help these poor animals.

“Please donate to help fight the dog meat festival in Yulin.

Right now in and around Yulin, China, thousands of dogs, many of them stolen pets, will be captured and transported over long distances under horrific conditions. There, they’ll be held in crowded cages without food or water until they are killed, all as part of an annual dog meat festival. Please make an urgent donation to help us campaign to shut this down.

This lifesaving work is only possible thanks to the generosity of caring people like you.

Please join our fight to shut down this brutal industry for good. Your donation will help dog meat farmers transition to humane livelihoods, support our local Chinese partners in intercepting dog meat traders’ trucks, fund care for confiscated animals, enable us to lobby for better laws, and so much more.

You can help stop this cruelty. Please give today.”



2 thoughts on “Help fight the dog meat festival

  1. I’ve been fighting this for several months, signed petitions and donating money for the fight. I understand cultural differences, but sorry, I want this to end. I’m also fighting to end many revolting, dehumanizing treatment of animals in America and China, as well. We’re supposed to be civilized. Let’s act it.

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