Old but magnificent news!

I just found out (better late than never) that the award winning filmmakers of “Cowspiracy” are currently working on a new documentary called “What the health”. If you are green on that area, I can try to explain what the movie involves shortly; it is a movie where they videotaped their journey to find out what really made the biggest harm on our planet when it comes to greenhouse gas emissions, how most of the animal agriculture is driven, and many other revealing truths. The filmmakers released plenty huge secrets that the government do not want you, me or any other individual to know about the meat industry, animal agriculture and everything inbetween.

I recommend everyone of you to watch it, if you have not already.

You can also read more about Cowspiracy and the movies content on their webpage.

However, back to “What the health”. It is a successor, and I am sure it contains more mindblowing facts about the matter. Admittedly, they have not revealed the release date yet, but it is coming -and it is coming soon. Ofcourse I will update you when the time is here.

In the meantime, you can read more on their webpage, or follow them on instagram:



This makes me so thrilled, and I can not wait to watch it.

❤ Hugs




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