8 Reasons to smile

  1. Bernie Sanders is coming out with a new book soon. You bet I’ll buy it the very moment it’s out!


2. Newsflash bitches! It actually exists vegan bacon. So for all of you saying “you can’t go vegan because of bacon” (?!!!?), you can no longer use that as an excuse. Bye Felicia.

3. Somewhere in the world, this bookstore exists, I think it’s in Greece? If you know, please tell me! Regardless, I’ll find it, and I’ll use all my money when I get there.

4. Always remember; age is just a number! Time is an illusion, your spirit decides how old you are.

5. You can never be fully educated, there is always more to learn, read and be curious about. Be interested, instead of trying to play interesting. 😉

6. Let me introduce you to the longboardstroller, everyone. I repeat, longboardstroller.


When I become a parent, I swear, that kid is gonna go through so much shit like this. hahaha. I ain’t even sorry.

7. The Seabin Project.

Australian surfers turned entrepreneurs Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski are the founders of the Seabin Project. This simple little gadget is poised to make a big difference in oceans across the world. Designed to be set up in marinas and ports, the floating rubbish bin is powered by an on-shore water pump, filtering through water and collecting the garbage as it accumulates within the system. Low maintenance and low cost, the rubbish bin is highly effective and engineered to run all day, every day, slowly but surely cleaning our oceans.

8. There’s always coming a new day tomorrow. No matter how hard this day may feel, you can go to bed, wake up after a good night of sleep, eat a healthy brekfast and get a new chance to make that day better.

I hope this post made you feel better!

Good night. ❤

7 thoughts on “8 Reasons to smile

  1. I loved it sooooo much! and i love all those books!! and the learning, yes, we can learn always and forever! Don’t stop! There is no such thing as boredom! And I believe in that fully, age is only a number, that is why I will be 29 forever!!! Thanks for the post!!!! 🙂

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