That moment when…

..You’re out of cashew milk, so you have to drink your proteinshake with water.

..You feel like a beast cause you managed to lift 20kgs, but then you remember they use lbs here and not kilos..

…You made coffee to avoid napping another day, but you magically fall asleep, wake up two hours later and your coffee is cold.

Other than that my day hasn’t been too bad. Managed to make it through a workout, even though I’m having a cold right now, and it wasn’t too bad. Praying it’ll be over soon! I don’t have time to be sick. 

How was your day? 

Lots of love.

4 thoughts on “That moment when…

  1. I was actually so tired one time recently that I fell asleep with hot cup of coffee in hand and coffee in mouth. The dribble down my chin, from the sip of coffee I took right before I fell asleep but never swallowed, is what woke me up. Clearly the coffee wasn’t doing the trick. 🙂

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