Life update

Hello there, ladies and gents!

Time to give you an update on my life, and how everything’s going so far here in the U.S. Well, as you already know I’m having a cold right now, which resulted in skipping yesterdays workout… Not happy about that, but it gave me more time to do homework and that was highly needed, considering that I have a speech to prepare for the upcoming thursday. I’m (ofcourse) talking about the topic “Sustainable lifestyle”, you know me.

Fun fact: In Norway we have this period after high school when we celebrate being done with 13 years of school, and party for two weeks in a row, wear the same “partypants”, and do a lot of crazy stuff. Anyways, we also give each other names based on our personality and memories from each other. My name was “green pea”, and well hellooo gotta live up to it.

Now, over to another happening worth talking about, I don’t remember what day it was, maybe monday (?). Nonetheless, I just finished my morning cardio and went bak to my room to make the first cup of coffee for the day. When suddenly, I didn’t pay enough attention or whatever (monday morning, I’m excused), as a result, I accidentally spilled boiled water over my foot.


Ehm ouch! Luckily, I had my workout thights on, which you can see stopped the water from getting further. It’s like a straight line from were my thights hindered it. Embarrasingly enough, it makes me feel more badass when I hit the gym and show it off.. haha.

Peace! ❤

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