Sustainable Lifestyle

Since I’m currently working on a project where I’ll speak about sustainable lifestyle, which is a subject I’m very passionate about, I wanted to give you a brief summary of what it is and why it matters so much. During lunch some days ago, me and my friend started talking about the speech, and when I told her what my thesis statement was, she told me she didn’t know what a sustainable lifestyle is. That shocked me a little bit, but I’m glad she did, because it gave me a reminder of how important it is to inform people about the matter. Talking and surrounding myself with people who’s well informed about the topic, makes it easy to forget that many actually know little to none about the lifestyle.

What is it?

A lifestyle that attempts to reduce an individual‘s or society‘s use of the Earth‘s natural resources. Practitioners of sustainable living often attempt to reduce their carbon footprint by alternative methods of transportation, energy consumption, and eating habits. They use as few resources as possible and cause the least amount of environmental damage for future generations to deal with. 

Why do it?

First, let me tell you, I could go on and on about this question until the day I die, but I’ll try my best to make this paragraph as sort as possible. However, The United Nations panel of over two thousand scientists warns that the planet is heating up rapidly -by as much as 11 degrees farenheit this century. Further, half of the worlds population are living on less than two dollars a day. A pack of gum costs more than that. My point is, we have enough resources to feed all the people in the world if we share them evenly, but richer countries over-consume, while poor countries starve. At the same time, we are ruining our environment, mostly with greenhouse gas emissions and waste. If everyone performed a sustainable lifestyle, this would not be as big of a problem.

Most political and corporate leaders thinks that environmental and social progress will result from more economic growth, the globalization of trade and commerce, and unfettered enterprise. They claim the ability to lift people out of poverty, protect the natural world, and generate more wealth is through expansion of the global marketplace. This perspective assumes that the planet will provide infinite resources and the ability to absorb infinite waste… Hello? We don’t have that, and we never will. Period.

The answer to these problems, is that the majority of the worlds population take action towards a more sustainable lifestyle. As Abraham Lincoln once said, “You cannot escape the responsibility of tomorrow by evading it today.”

I will go deeper into why and how in a part.2. This post is very long already and I want people to read it, without getting scared away by seeing too much text in one post. It’ll be up tomorrow!



Schor, Juliet, and B. S. Taylor. Sustainable Planet: Solutions for the Twenty-first Century. Boston: Beacon, 2002. Print.


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