Holy grail in skin-care 

I’ve gotten positive feedback on having a skin-care post after asking you about what you wanted me to write about, so I decided to share my routine with you all today.

Every morning when I wake up, the first thing I do according to my skin is to use this little guy.

I bought this cleansing gel along with an electronic skin machine from the same brand; clarisonic, but I found out my skin likes it better alone without the machine because I’m so sensitive. Therefore, I just rub the cleansing gel all over my face using only my hands, after washing it with hot water. It’s meant to cleanse your pores and help with problem skin. It works wonders for me, and I’ve seen a huge difference on my problem areas after using it both morning and night on a daily basis.
Secondly, I use a toner from a brand called Shea Moisture. It’s a must for me to tone my skin after cleansing it with the gel, it makes my skin feel extra refreshed. What I do is spray a little bit on a cotton pad and use it all over my face and neck. This toner is the best I’ve ever tried, and I’ve used thousands of dollars on skin-care products through the years. I discovered Shea Moisture’s products when I moved to America, and holy moly I am in love!

1-2 times a week I use a scrub from the same brand, to get rid of any dead skin and take my skin-care routine to the next level. Often times I use the scrub if I ever have a bad day or need to wake up because I have tons of work waiting to get done too. It is amazing what scrubbing your face and drinking a cup of coffee can do to your mood if you feel slobby or just need an extra refreshment.

Talking about refreshments, the next step I would like to share with you is my amazing mud mask!

Look at that!^

For a “natural-organic-vegan-health freak” like me this one is fabulous! I love to use the mask after scrubbing my face, doing so makes it feel like the skin really soak in all the minerals and extracts – a feeling of wellness.

Last but not least, MOISTURE. This step is so important and I always go in with my coconut oil after cleansing, scrubbing, toning, and/or using the facemask.

I think you can get this one in any drug store? correct me if I wrong. NB! Do not use too much! You only need a tiny bit in order to give your skin the moisture it needs.

I also got a question on how I take care of my skin when I work out so much. The answer to that is I make sure to always rinse my face in the shower after excercising, I don’t use any products. I don’t want to stress my skin too much by going overboard in terms of products. Even though the products I use are good, I still want to keep it simple. After showering I use a tiny bit of coconut oil to avoid dryness.

On a daily basis I drink a lot of water, eat plant-based, take B-vitamins, multivitamins and flaxseed oil for omega 3, 6 and 9. These are essential for your skin, you got to take care of your body inside out.

Hope you liked this post! Let me know if there’s anything else you would like to know.

Good night. ❤

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