The Dakota Access Pipeline

Hello everyone.

Today I want to talk about something extremely important, that ruins the water whom a thousand different lives depend on, not just native americans but animals too, ofcourse. I’m talking about The Dakota Access pipeline who’s set to be constructed near the Standing Rock Sioux Reservation in North Dakota, crossing under the Missouri River which is the only source of water to the reservation. The pipeline is planned to transport approximately 470,000 barrels of crude oil per day. The potential of oil leaks would contaminate the only source of water for the reservation. While Dakota Access claims oil leaks are unlikely, an oil leak from a separate pipeline in North Dakota was discovered (8/15/16) to have leaked over 500 barrels of oil since the leak began on July 19, 2016. You can read the article here: A leak like this from the Dakota Access pipeline would leave the Standing Rock Sioux without any clean water. There are several demonstrations towards this, and I wish I could participate, but the laws here in America says that visitors without American citizenship can’t protest legally. Obviously, I’m not risking to be thrown out of the country. I can, however, spread awareness amongst the people I know and on other platforms, which in this case is my blog.

The Corps’ approval of the permit allows the oil company to dig the pipeline under the Missouri River just upstream of the reservation and the Standing Rock Sioux Tribe’s drinking water supply. An oil spill at this site would constitute an existential threat to the Tribe’s culture and way of life.

The Dakota Access Pipeline project, also known as Bakken Oil Pipeline, would extend 1,168 miles across North Dakota, South Dakota, Iowa, and Illinois, crossing through communities, farms, tribal land, sensitive natural areas and wildlife habitat. The pipeline would carry crude oil from the Bakken oil fields in North Dakota to Illinois where it will link with another pipeline that will transport the oil to terminals and refineries along the Gulf of Mexico. Despite objections by the Standing Rock Sioux and other organizations, construction of the pipeline began.

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I can’t express enough how important it is that you take action and sign the petition. Oil isn’t our future anyway, it’ll end some day and then what? We’ve ruined our water so we can’t use that as a source to for example electricity. It’s about time we start using our natural resources who are sustainable and recycable. It’s mine, ours, and your future we’re talking about. This should make you angry! How dare they destroy our earth and our future for the temporary pleasure of money and business? This is not the direction we want our world to take, I refuse.


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