Anyone else?

It’s so wierd to me how fucked up the world has gotten over the years. How did we even get to this point? Humans who are in fact plant eaters, eat dead corpses and torture other beings for no logical reason. People preferring lies over truth for comfort. A system so corrupt all you can do is laugh. People striving to buy high end brands to show wealth, when they’re literally just mindless advertisers for the richer. We like to think that humans are the most intelligent race walking on this earth, but I’ve honestly never seen or heard of anyone dumber. 


2 thoughts on “Anyone else?

  1. You could have copied these words right from my mind. My answers – people are greedy, people ‘want to be liked’, people like being part of groups or have so little to live for or such shallow thinking that they gloam onto anything to provide a purpose to their lives. And that takes us full circle to your opening about how fucked up the world has become.

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