Just realised!!

Oh my gosh I just realised that I’ve been vegan for over a year now! I started April 1. 2016, and today it’s April 10. I’ve officially saved hundreds of animal lives and tons of water++++:

If you’re vegan or just curious to check how much you could save by being vegan, I advice you to check out “thevegancalculator.com”, it’ll do the math for you. 

It’s been a challenging year. Not for the reasons you first think. Eating plant based and figuring out what’s containing animal products and not aren’t diffcult at all, what so ever. If somebody’s telling you that they’re feeding you lies. What’s difficult is dealing with people, their disconnection, their cruel jokes, and ignorance. 

If a person comes up to me in a friendly manner, asking out of curiosity, I’m happy to inform. Sadly, that’s not the case for most omnivores. They’ve already made up their minds and their intentions by approaching a vegan isn’t to listen, but rather to argue an already lost discussion because clearly they don’t have the facts on their side. Bad jokes and mindless discussions with fools that don’t want to hear or recognize the truth must be my new top thing on my “strongly despise list. I’m not here to take that crap, I’m here to spread awareness.  

On a more positive note, my consciousness is clear! I feel healthy, happy and positive about life from deep within because I know I’m doing the right thing. Going vegan is the absolute best decision I could’ve ever made for the animals, the environment and myself!

Love to you all. Xo!

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