Home sweet home

After a long journey through airports and hours in airplanes, I can finally say that I’m back in Norway. It was quite a stressfree journey compared to my other flights back and forth to america, considering that I only had one stop in Amsterdam. Thank god! Amsterdam is one of my fave airports too, so that helped a lot. I’ve really been feeling Amsterdam the times that I’ve been there so I’d love to actually explore the city. I’ve never heard one person say anything bad about that place. One day I’ll fly back down there to visit properly.  

I also bought “The Alchemist” the day before I left – a book that I’ve been trying to get a hold on for over a year now.. Finally, it’s mine! I’m already halfway through the book and so far so good! A lot of good wisdom in it.

^The view over my hometown, Hell Norway. Yes, I actually come from Hell. Don’t mess with me. šŸ˜‰

The first thing that met me when I walked out of the luggage claim was my mom and little sister waiting for me with a mango smoothie from starbucks. How sweet is that? Refreshing to drink something fruity after hours of airplane food and coffee..

Now I’m going to pick up my car, finally!! I’ve been missing my mercedes so much!


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