Hola babes! Time for an update.

1. I’ve started pole dancing, and I love it! I’ve always wanted to start, but it was never really the best time or circumstance until now. It gives me a lot, both mentally and physically.

2. I’m still “gymming” like never before. I’m getting stronger everyday. I do more strength training than running now tho… I have to get back at the runner game again. I’m a different type of exhausted after a good session of running, and it’s a type of exhaustion I need in my life. lol, I don’t know how else to explain it.


3. I’ve moved to a different city.

4. I cut my hair!!!! 😥 The damage was too much so I had no choice.

IMG_0134[1]5. I’ve started writing for hivacu.com/. It’s a place where me and a couple other millennial’s write about society and things that are a bit more thought-provoking.   You guys should check it out! Here‘s one of the posts I’ve written already.

6. Still vegan, of course. Been eating grass like a hero, what else?


This was really hard. I know a lot has happened, but now that I’m put on the spot I know nothing about my life. :’) It’ll come to me when I’m warmed up and in the game again, I’m sure.

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