If it hadn’t been for the constant reminder on social media that it was easter, I wouldn’t have noticed that we even just had this holiday. I had fewer hours at work due to different opening hours, but other than that it was just a normal week for me. I worked out, met some friends and minded my business as usual. šŸ˜‰

Also, let me rant a bit. I’m getting too old too fast.

  1. I forget everything.
  2. My hearing is worse than ever.
  3. I squint my eyes A LOT. Looking like that good old teacher desperately trying to read questions without his/her glasses.
  4. I highly dislike watching television, so I decided not to get one where I live now. Bought myself over 30 books instead, wtf. WHAT kind of disabled 21 year old does that sh*t?!
  5. I have no energy left to do or talk about things I don’t need to.

Somebody send help.

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