Hometown glory

Yesterday me and a friend of mine took a stroll in our hometown. We’ve been trying new places and discovered our city more lately. There’s so much more to it than we first thought. New food to taste, new places to see, more beautiful corners to eternalize by camera. I haven’t been to all the cities in the world, but this is my favourite thus far. It has an incomparable vibe to it.

What’s your favourite thing about your city?


Happy friday, people!

I’ll spend mine cleaning and dancing. Hopefully I’ll have time to read a bit too, but I’ve been procrastinating for a while now, so it doesn’t look too promising… Does any of you ever feel like you have so much to do, that you end up not doing half of the things you were supposed to? Because I do, and I highly dislike it, to say the least. My goal this year is to get better at it! Not think too much, just take action. Nothing’s worse for me than to go to bed knowing I could’ve done better. OR having a project that never seems to have an end to it, due to things I can’t control. However, it seems like that’s just how life goes on, regardless of where I am in life -It’s a balance one must learn to master. I believe we’re all working on it.

Have a great weekend. xoxo.


If it hadn’t been for the constant reminder on social media that it was easter, I wouldn’t have noticed that we even just had this holiday. I had fewer hours at work due to different opening hours, but other than that it was just a normal week for me. I worked out, met some friends and minded my business as usual. 😉

Also, let me rant a bit. I’m getting too old too fast.

  1. I forget everything.
  2. My hearing is worse than ever.
  3. I squint my eyes A LOT. Looking like that good old teacher desperately trying to read questions without his/her glasses.
  4. I highly dislike watching television, so I decided not to get one where I live now. Bought myself over 30 books instead, wtf. WHAT kind of disabled 21 year old does that sh*t?!
  5. I have no energy left to do or talk about things I don’t need to.

Somebody send help.


My biggest struggle during the weekends is not screwing up my sleep routine. As we speak I’m on my 27th hour without sleep, because I screwed up an layed wide awake all night with no chance of reaching sweet dreams. 

When these incidents happen it ruins SO much of my start of the week, whom I prefer to start of with a motivated bang! Oatmeal, coffee and a good workout early on before heading to work energized.

Keep in mind that I rarely drink and party, and no, I didn’t do it this weekend either. This doesn’t just occure on sunday nights but regularly at any day of the week. Does someone else have insomnia, and how do you cope (without pills)? I’ve been doing guided meditation but the wifi sucks in my room…

Since last time

…I’ve started working again at Avis. I worked there last year too, but not long enough to learn everything fully, and be confident in the computer system. I’m better than I’ve ever been tho, so it looks promising! 

…Had some quality time with my nearest friends and family, which has been a true joy! Unfortunately, I’m a sucker at remembering to take photos while I’m at it. I’m working on it and I’m going to get better! 

…Cut my hair a lot shorter than it was! Even though it’s something to get used to because it’s so different, I’m glad it’s done. I feel refreshed now that I don’t carry with me all the split ends and fuzz everywhere I go. 

…Read two books, “The Alchemist” and “#GIRLBOSS”. They were both a good read and you have absolutely nothing to lose by reading them too. It was wonderful to get an humorous and honest insight of Sophia Amoruso’s journey. And Paulo Cohelo serves words of wisdom on every page of “The Alchemist”. 

…Had some great outdoor workouts. I’ve mostly done cardio, so I’ll admit I’m worried about my booty gains… But it’s all good because I’ll get a gym membership tomorrow, and I’m SO stoked! I literally cannot wait to get back to the weights!!


Norway’s national day!

Yesterday was so much fun! Magnus came here the day before to spend the night and have breakkie with me before the big celebration. Thereafter, I did my makeup and hair and brushed the dust off of my national suit. We ate dinner and dessert at my grandmothers house, it’s tradition. At night we went back home and enjoyed Prosecco on the balcony. 

^Photoshoot before starting the day. 

Usually norwegians go out in the streets, wave their flag and drink like there’s no tomorrow, but we decided to take it easy and cozy this year. 

How’s the national day celebrated in your country? I know I have readers from all over the world so I’d love to hear about yours. 

Two more days

Only two days left of my Minnesota year! I’m going to watch Julie’s and the rest of the seniors graduation on friday and after that it’s straight to packing and leaving. I’m going to spend a week with Maggie in Minneapolis afterwards, and I can’t wait for that to happen. It’ll be a lot of fun! May 13th I’m going back to Norway for the summer. I’ve been craving Norwegian nature, fresh air, water and food for so long! Coming back to it will sooth my soul tremendously. 

What are your plans for the summer?