My love

After two weeks I finally got a gym membership again and it feels SO good. Excercising definitely makes a big difference regarding my overall happiness. It’s like my daily hour of antidepressant, lol. No but seriously… 

I joined a gym that’s open 24/7, so that I can work out regardless of my sleep issues- which is the one and only reason I joined that gym! I’m happy with it so far and I look forward to keep building my muscles! I can finally have some peace of mind, knowing I’m back in the process.



Today we decided to try out a poledance class. It was my first time so I had no idea what to expect. At first when we arrived the studio we were welcomed with a great atmosphere and service from the staff. The interior was very girly and princessy, which I loved! It for sure gave me the right type of mood before the class started. It was a lot of stretching, some strength excercises and some practice with the pole. Note that we’re both beginners here, so I can’t brag about any advanced tricks or skillsets. BUT it was fun! I loved it and I will definitely do more poledancing as soon as possible!

After our class we decided to end the night with some refreshments from Starbucks. I chose green tea latte with almond milk (instead of dairy) and Maddie went for iced tea with berries. 

If you haven’t tasted the green tea latte yet, your missing out!! It was amazing!

XX. ;*


I’ve been thinking about this for a long time, we’re talking 2-3 years. Honestly, drinking can be a lot of fun but the consequences and risks from it aren’t worth it. Especially if you’re into fitness and want your muscles to grow. I know it’s different from person to person how you’re affected by the liquor and feel when you wake up after a night out. For me personally, it’s overall not worth it. The hangovers are so bad and I need to know that I have control over myself, if not I’ll get bad anxiety. 

In 2015 I almost didn’t drink at all, safe to say it was a good year for both my physical and mental health. I want to go back to that state of being. 

How do you guys feel and think about this topic? I’m genuinely curious about your personal experiences and thoughts on it. 

Have a great night!

Wellness weekend

Today I’ve cleaned my whole room, done all my laundry -including my sheets, eaten healthy, consumed many cups of tea and spent 3 hours in the gym! Safe to say I’m pleased with myself today, I’ll sleep like a little baby tonight. 


Tried a new tea this morning called; African sunset. It was strong in flavour but the taste was delicious! 

Aaaand finally my workout. I ran for 30 minutes, then did intervalls for 20 minutes and jogged down the last 10. Thereafter, I lifted weights, ofcourse.

Now I’m off to bed. Hope you’re all having a wonderful weekend! Make sure to fill it with whatever makes you happy. 

Good night. ❤


Hola amigos!

Me and my gym partner Kanutte had the best (or should I say worst?) legday ever tonight! We went all in with supersets of different glute and hamstring excercises and trained abs inbetween the sets. This partnership will be the death of me, I’m telling you. 

^ little Kanutte under all those weights doing hip-thrusts. She’s hella strong.

After our workout it was time for a big dinner filled with protein.

Beans, chickpeas, lentils, baby carrots, and an apple. 

Now I’m off to bed letting my muscles rest, before a legendary back-attack tomorrow. 

Sweet dreams. ❤

Good morning!

As you all know, I prefer to start my day by spending an hour or two at the gym. Today is not an exception! Legday’s on the menu and I can’t wait to dig in. 

Das my bessfren^

Set the standard for today and work your ass off at the gym. I doubt you’ll regret it. 

Peace. ❤

My Fitness Bucketlist

  1. Illumni run

2. Color run

3. Become good at yoga. 

Because I’m zen as f**k. As my friend under here.

4. Try out gym’s in 10 different countries 

Already done with 5; Poland, Norway, Bulgaria, Turkey, U.S.

5. Climb at least 10 mountain tops around the world, before I turn 30.

6. Participate in a triathlon

7. Manage to do the plank for 3 minutes. 

8. Learn how to surf!!!

9. 1. place in a cross country race.

10. Accomplish 15 pull ups.

11. Do my own weight in benchpress.

12. Learn salsa.


13. Learn Pole dancing/ pole fitness

14. complete a Marathon.

15. Manage the perfect split, both ways.  

16. Look and feel strong.


That’s how my current “fitness bucketlist” looks like. Do you have one, or do yours have some points that mine’s missing? share with me!

If you don’t have a fitness bucketlist, I recommend you to start writing one, it will for sure keep you motivated.

Good friday night! ❤