Minimalistic Spring/Summer

  1. Purse 2. Grey dress 3. Black jeans 4. Puma sneakers 5. Leather caps 6.Bodysuit

7. Shades 8. Boyfriend jeans 9. Nike tights

  1. Army shirt 2. Hoodie

Here you go, some spring/summer style inspiration for you all, I love all of the items and would much rather have them hanging in my closet. Admittedly, I really look forward to working after finals, earn some money, and start shopping!

Moreover, it might not seem like it, but I actually used A LOT of time making this collages… before I found out that this is like the  easiest thing ever, so feel kinda dumb now..heh. Indeedly, I am still getting used to blogging, but I am getting there! -And I like it. ❤

Soon friday lovebugs, stay strong ;*