No way back

Now that I have gotten somewhat far in the process of turning blonde again, I ofcourse catch myself looking through pictures from my dark brunette days.

Oh, the struggle of being indecisive. 

Anyways, the dilemma is made, I simply can not colour my hair every second week -and I will always be blonde at heart, after all.  Despite the long process it takes to get my natural haircolour back, I am happy that I tried something new. At least, now I know how I look with dark hair, and I can let go of the ongoing, irritating questions; “what if I suit that haircolour better?” and “how would I look?”.

Wish you all a great day ❤

Round 3 (or 5??)

Admittedly I have lost track of how many rounds of color removal I have been exposing my hair for. Regardless, it needs some more, because I am far from blonde yet and I should have been blonde preferably yesterday, yet here I am with my half brunette lazy ass, ready for hours of hair torture. Better late than never?IMG_2138

In addition, I am thinking about self tanning afterwards. I have a bottle of self tanning spray from sunspa that I need to finish. As far as I am concerned it is not vegan, therefore, I need it gone from my life so I can start using a vegan one. Indeedly, I bought it before I went vegan, and I have not used it in a while so that is why I still have it, but not anymore!


Nevertheless, I have been searching for another one who is vegan and I found a mousse from “loving tan”, which many say is fabulous when it comes to both application and colour. Therefore, next time I am buying self tanning, this is the one I am going for!


Hugs ❤

Let’s talk hair, shall we?

Last week, I made a post where I asked you guys to help me decide what haircolour I should choose, brunette or blonde. Finally, I have made my decision and I ended up choosing blonde. My hair growth is insane, therefore, I have had the biggest blonde after growth on the top of my head, the last couple of weeks. As a result, I only feel comfortable posting pictures of myself taken before I coloured it darker. I cannot cope with this struggle anymore, so from now on I am going to be my natural haircolour until the day I die. Done deal.


I use the haircolour removal from B4 colour, I have done a couple of these treatments already so I feel kinda safe. Kinda. Besides, it does not give as much damage to the hair as bleaching, owing to my experience. Admittedly, my ultimate goal is to become completely blonde until friday, due to my birtday party on saturday. he..he. Oh my lord, what have I gotten myself into, hair-disaster on my 20th birthday was not exactly my biggest dream growing up.. Wish me luck.



Them good old blonde days… I will get you back! ❤