Travelling on a budget


I’ve been thinking a lot about travelling lately. I’m going to Britain in august, but except from that I got no plans. As long as it’s summer in Norway I’m good, but I desperately need a “get away plan” for the winter months. Luckily I have some time to save money until then, even though times goes by fast as he**. What’s up with that? It was 2015 yesterday? However, I think I’ll manage to live less lavishly until October/November-ish. Does any of my readers have any tips and tricks for travelling on a budget? It would help me a lot. I can gather all the best ones in a post too, so that you all could benefit from it.


Home sweet home

After a long journey through airports and hours in airplanes, I can finally say that I’m back in Norway. It was quite a stressfree journey compared to my other flights back and forth to america, considering that I only had one stop in Amsterdam. Thank god! Amsterdam is one of my fave airports too, so that helped a lot. I’ve really been feeling Amsterdam the times that I’ve been there so I’d love to actually explore the city. I’ve never heard one person say anything bad about that place. One day I’ll fly back down there to visit properly.  

I also bought “The Alchemist” the day before I left – a book that I’ve been trying to get a hold on for over a year now.. Finally, it’s mine! I’m already halfway through the book and so far so good! A lot of good wisdom in it.

^The view over my hometown, Hell Norway. Yes, I actually come from Hell. Don’t mess with me. 😉

The first thing that met me when I walked out of the luggage claim was my mom and little sister waiting for me with a mango smoothie from starbucks. How sweet is that? Refreshing to drink something fruity after hours of airplane food and coffee..

Now I’m going to pick up my car, finally!! I’ve been missing my mercedes so much!


Uptown Minneapolis

Hola! Me and Madison started the day off at the gym today, the best way to start your day off! I tried the stair machine for the first time and I get the hype around it now, I get it. If you want your feet to burn, go find yourself one of those!

After going to the gym we decided to explore uptown Minneapolis. 

 We found and amazing eating place called Tao’s food, with a lot of vegan deliciousness and nutrition. I decided to go for the strength smoothie with hemp protein, in addition to their radiance juice. It tasted marvelous. 

It was a sunny and awesome day and I could’ve written a lot more, but the wifi here is not reliable. I’ll end the post here before it all gets deleted!

Much love.

Saint Paul MN

Hey everyone!

I arrived Saint Paul last night and slept in a guest suite in their apartment complex. It’s really nice and luxurius here, I love it! 

This morning Maggie took me out to explore what the city has to offer and showed me two unique stores that sells essential oils, sage, jewelry and so forth. It was really nice and interesting! 

Thereupon, we went to a vegan restaurant and ordered food -salad for me and vegan burger for her, which was delicious! For dessert I bought green tea with hemp milk, that I enjoyed in the sun.

After that we went to a vegan market and she showed me around downtown. It has been a wonderful day, with good energy. 

Later tonight I’m going to Madison to visit her too, I think it’ll be fun. 


Dream destinations

I am and have always been, full of wanderlust. For as long as I can remember, I have said that I am going to travel the world and get away, from the cold and dark Scandinavia. Some day, people. Some day.

Below I have collected a few of the places I have written on my bucketlist. In that way, you can dream away with me.


Bali is, from what I have seen on pictures and heard from people who have been there, an amazing place. Sun and good vibes all day long. Service minded people, delicious food, and stunning wildlife.


I did no know about Shibazakura Hill in Japan, until recently when I was surfing on the internet, and somehow came over a picture therefrom. I instantly fell in love with the place, and can not wait to book a ticket. As I said, some day.


It looks like this place blooms in culture, good energy, and magnificent nature. People therefrom seems to be peaceful, kind and welcoming. Also, I absolutely love indian food, so I would really enjoy tasting all their different flavours and spices. yum!


Where shall I begin?! Since I was a little child I have been wanting to go to Hawaii, this island blooms in all its colorful glory. I bet no one who has not been there can describe how amazing this place really is. Definitely going to explore this island before I die.


I can not put my finger on what it is, but there is something very mysterious about Egypt. This country’s history, culture, and environment makes me curious about what more it has to offer. Looking through pictures from there does not really improve the case, haha.

A quick fun fact; the ancient Egyptians worshipped more than 1,000 different gods and goddesses, but he most important god of all was Ra, the sun god. -I remember reading about this when we learned about Egypt in elementary school.

Much love. ❤

I have arrived!

Good evening sweethearts! 

Currently, I am laying in bed exhausted. It has been a long day, and my test starts very early tomorrow so i better get some sleep. I just wanted to say hey and good night to you first. 

Sadly, I have not been able to take any photos, except three snaps at the airport today. My phone died, and I wanted to use the time I had to talk to the people I am staying with. I have not seen them in five years, so we had some catching up to do. Consequently, it resulted in bad blogging. 

Nonetheless, I have had a great time today, with great people! Indeedly, it is very kind of them to let me sleep over, with such a short notice. 

Sweet dreams ❤