Happy friday, people!

I’ll spend mine cleaning and dancing. Hopefully I’ll have time to read a bit too, but I’ve been procrastinating for a while now, so it doesn’t look too promising… Does any of you ever feel like you have so much to do, that you end up not doing half of the things you were supposed to? Because I do, and I highly dislike it, to say the least. My goal this year is to get better at it! Not think too much, just take action. Nothing’s worse for me than to go to bed knowing I could’ve done better. OR having a project that never seems to have an end to it, due to things I can’t control. However, it seems like that’s just how life goes on, regardless of where I am in life -It’s a balance one must learn to master. I believe we’re all working on it.

Have a great weekend. xoxo.


Lately I’ve been feeling bubbly and full of life! It’s finally spring and I feel like I’ve been awakened from the dead. That’s the feeling I go through every year when the sun chooses to shine here up north. I realize exactly how depressed I’ve been all winter before spring arrived and how badly it affects me physically and mentally. The winter really takes it’s toll on me… I have to find a warmer place to settle. I can’t live like this. Next winter I’m either moving or taking a long vacation. God knows I’m a summer child in need of sun and a beach at all times.

Does any of you have a hard time dealing with the winter? If so, how relieved are you now on a scale from 1-10? :’)



Hola babes! Time for an update.

1. I’ve started pole dancing, and I love it! I’ve always wanted to start, but it was never really the best time or circumstance until now. It gives me a lot, both mentally and physically.

2. I’m still “gymming” like never before. I’m getting stronger everyday. I do more strength training than running now tho… I have to get back at the runner game again. I’m a different type of exhausted after a good session of running, and it’s a type of exhaustion I need in my life. lol, I don’t know how else to explain it.


3. I’ve moved to a different city.

4. I cut my hair!!!! đŸ˜„ The damage was too much so I had no choice.

IMG_0134[1]5. I’ve started writing for It’s a place where me and a couple other millennial’s write about society and things that are a bit more thought-provoking.   You guys should check it out! Here‘s one of the posts I’ve written already.

6. Still vegan, of course. Been eating grass like a hero, what else?


This was really hard. I know a lot has happened, but now that I’m put on the spot I know nothing about my life. :’) It’ll come to me when I’m warmed up and in the game again, I’m sure.


It feels strange writing a blog post again after some time off. I have no idea where to begin or what to say. First of all, I dislike it when bloggers are on and off myself, if they’re somebody that I read regularly. I also dislike it when they proceed to serve excuses after excuses, therefore I’ll just drop that and go straight to some updates in a later post. I won’t make any promises on have many blog posts I’ll make a day or how often. I just wanted to say hi and tell you my goal is to post weekly and regularly, for now. We’ll take the rest from there.



Honestly, the amount of stuff (books) I’ve collected over the past school year is embarrassing. At the moment I’m packing for Minneapolis and it’s chaos in here – which makes me really stressed because I’m leaving in four hours… Ok, gotta go!!

Wish me luck!

This weeks

What am I grateful for? 

I have a lot to be grateful for, but this week I’ve been thinking a lot about how happy I am to have a full functioning body, without any disabilities. That’s not something to take for granted! 

What made me smile? 

I’m one of those individuals that you catch smiling for no reason what so ever, just because I’m lost in my own mind. It can be when I’m walking from A to B, day dreaming in class, do homework and zone out, running on the treadmill or any other situation. Nonetheless, I’ve been feeling lighter now that I’ve gone two or three months(?) without drinking. Life’s breezy.

Best workout? 

Two days ago I lifted 70,5 kilos in squats, which I haven’t been able to do in a long time. The moment I realized I would be able to go through with 10 reps with that weight was glorious. 


This song from Nicki Minaj is sooooo goooood!


Hey! How’s everybody? 
From my side I’m still hanging in there but I’m hanging from my little finger and my little finger’s not very strong. I read the other day a text that said “College is like constantly running to catch a train that’s already started moving, and you can barely keep up with the speed. You never quite catch it but keep running for your life”. That statement is very true. 

I think my train is far gone by now tho… Can someone make me famous already?!