Today we decided to try out a poledance class. It was my first time so I had no idea what to expect. At first when we arrived the studio we were welcomed with a great atmosphere and service from the staff. The interior was very girly and princessy, which I loved! It for sure gave me the right type of mood before the class started. It was a lot of stretching, some strength excercises and some practice with the pole. Note that we’re both beginners here, so I can’t brag about any advanced tricks or skillsets. BUT it was fun! I loved it and I will definitely do more poledancing as soon as possible!

After our class we decided to end the night with some refreshments from Starbucks. I chose green tea latte with almond milk (instead of dairy) and Maddie went for iced tea with berries. 

If you haven’t tasted the green tea latte yet, your missing out!! It was amazing!

XX. ;*

Uptown Minneapolis

Hola! Me and Madison started the day off at the gym today, the best way to start your day off! I tried the stair machine for the first time and I get the hype around it now, I get it. If you want your feet to burn, go find yourself one of those!

After going to the gym we decided to explore uptown Minneapolis. 

 We found and amazing eating place called Tao’s food, with a lot of vegan deliciousness and nutrition. I decided to go for the strength smoothie with hemp protein, in addition to their radiance juice. It tasted marvelous. 

It was a sunny and awesome day and I could’ve written a lot more, but the wifi here is not reliable. I’ll end the post here before it all gets deleted!

Much love.

Saint Paul MN

Hey everyone!

I arrived Saint Paul last night and slept in a guest suite in their apartment complex. It’s really nice and luxurius here, I love it! 

This morning Maggie took me out to explore what the city has to offer and showed me two unique stores that sells essential oils, sage, jewelry and so forth. It was really nice and interesting! 

Thereupon, we went to a vegan restaurant and ordered food -salad for me and vegan burger for her, which was delicious! For dessert I bought green tea with hemp milk, that I enjoyed in the sun.

After that we went to a vegan market and she showed me around downtown. It has been a wonderful day, with good energy. 

Later tonight I’m going to Madison to visit her too, I think it’ll be fun. 



Honestly, the amount of stuff (books) I’ve collected over the past school year is embarrassing. At the moment I’m packing for Minneapolis and it’s chaos in here – which makes me really stressed because I’m leaving in four hours… Ok, gotta go!!

Wish me luck!

What irritates me

1) Number one on this list is without a doubt when people think they have me figured out and assume things about me. 100% of the time they’re wrong. It’s exhausting to deal with them and the box they so desperately tries to knock me into. Step back and let me do me. Thanks and f off. 

2) PEOPLE THAT SPEAKS FOR ME AND OVER ME. Damn Felicia, this convo is not a contest. Sit down and wait your turn, boo. 

3) People that disses feminism without knowing what we really stand for. We don’t hate men, we love them. We also love ourselves enough to know that our worth is equal to theirs, that’s it. 

4) Do your research before you involve yourself in an argument, for the love of Christ. 

5) When evil powers sends all idiots to the gym at your hour. 

6) Unauthentic people. Ever had a convo with someone that agrees with everything you said, but later found out that they don’t think that way at all? Or someone being nice to your face and talked shit behind your back? Life would be so much easier if honesty and openess were more valued than being liked. Who cares if you disagree with someone? That’s wonderful because you can actually learn something and/or impact their way of thinking. Plus, you know where you have each other!!

7) When a fuckboy pops out of nowhere and starts calling you his girl within two days of knowing you, then get offended when you don’t respond the way he wants you to. 

“Don’t you trust me?”

“I’m disappointed Maren, I thought we had something”

“Why don’t you want to come over babygirl?”

First off all, you behave like a child. Second, you’re too obvious. Third, nobody that respects and cares about anybody uses guilt to get what they want. Fourth, do not use those bf terms, you ruin them! Save that for someone you care about in the future, Gollum! Fifth and finally, _DO_NOT_ approach me, clovn. _DO_NOT_. 

People man. 

Two more days

Only two days left of my Minnesota year! I’m going to watch Julie’s and the rest of the seniors graduation on friday and after that it’s straight to packing and leaving. I’m going to spend a week with Maggie in Minneapolis afterwards, and I can’t wait for that to happen. It’ll be a lot of fun! May 13th I’m going back to Norway for the summer. I’ve been craving Norwegian nature, fresh air, water and food for so long! Coming back to it will sooth my soul tremendously. 

What are your plans for the summer? 


Vegan humor

Vegan or not, here’s some vegan humor for you. This lifestyle can be intense sometimes because of all the strong feelings around it. Especially from butthurt omnivores in denial… So thank god for humor, don’t know what I would do without it. ;*