The ocean

The pictures above are all from home where I live right next to the ocean, and wake up everyday with an amazing view over it. I’ve been living with that all my life so I didn’t realize what a huge different it makes. I can’t have peace of mind unless I’m waking up looking over the endless horizon of water. It may sound cliché, but it’s a fact that I feel suffocated without it. 

My dad actually warned me about this before I left but I just brushed it off and didn’t think more about it. When I got here and started living the daily life, I really understood what he meant. 

Do you have any similiar experiences? Doesn’t have to be about water, it can be anything else. 

Anyone else?

It’s so wierd to me how fucked up the world has gotten over the years. How did we even get to this point? Humans who are in fact plant eaters, eat dead corpses and torture other beings for no logical reason. People preferring lies over truth for comfort. A system so corrupt all you can do is laugh. People striving to buy high end brands to show wealth, when they’re literally just mindless advertisers for the richer. We like to think that humans are the most intelligent race walking on this earth, but I’ve honestly never seen or heard of anyone dumber. 



Hey! How’s everybody? 
From my side I’m still hanging in there but I’m hanging from my little finger and my little finger’s not very strong. I read the other day a text that said “College is like constantly running to catch a train that’s already started moving, and you can barely keep up with the speed. You never quite catch it but keep running for your life”. That statement is very true. 

I think my train is far gone by now tho… Can someone make me famous already?!


Beautiful day

You know those days when you wake up and just know it’s going to be a great day? Today’s that kind of day. Even though my protein powder spelled all over my gymbag instead of staying in the shaker, and my morning shower resulted in a tiny flood, my mood and mindset is untouchably positive. I’ve decided, nothing or no one can drag me down today.


Happy tuesday! ❤

About last night

Ehhm soo… I was supposed to finish my essay yesterday but eh, we decided to have a social night instead. I’m supposed to feel guilty about this, but truth is; I don’t. We deserved it. It’s been a rough week. 

I appreciate this girl so much! As one of my favourite quotes says: Hard times always reveal true friends – and she has by far showed me what an amazing friend and person she is.

I also tried being a DJ, which was hilarious. Paris Hilton, step back. 

All in all, it’s been a great weekend! How about yours? 

Best wishes. ❤


Finally, I can say that I am officially back on track when it comes to both excercise and school. I’ve had the best workout in a long time today, and my motivation is on top! Still, I have two essay’s and one presentation to finish before monday, but It’ll be alright. 

Anywhoo, I want your contributions on what you want me to post more about. More about veganism? Sustainability? outfits? Skin-care routine? Hair care? Anything else? Let me know!

Have a nice day, everyone!<3

Work B**ch

I was able to go to class today, and because of that I’m really happy. It feels like I’m back on track for good this time! That also means it’s a bunch of assignments to do, but that’s ok. As long as I survive until Friday when I can use all my time on finishing all of it, I’m happy. You know you’re in college when you are thrilled about weekend because you can finally use all your time on homework, without being interupted by classes where they’ll give you more before you’re out again.

Peace out. ❤