I just came home from an early morning legday. It felt great, and it’s a better collection of equipment here. I appreciate that tremendously, since the school I went to didn’t have much to choose from. I didn’t complain tho, it’s about being creative and making the most of what you have. 

Since it’s a rainy day here, why not share some inspiration. 50% because I need it myself, and 50% cause’ you seem to enjoy these posts!

Have a great day!

Inspiration for the week

Hello, lovebugs!

It’s been a long time since I’ve posted any inspiration-posts, so I thought, why not do it today! At least I needed some inspiration on this grey and rainy tuesday. I collected the ones I liked the most so you can indulge in dreamy pictures to keep you motivated through the week. Enjoy!

//pictures from tumblr

What do you do to keep yourself inspired?


Happiness is…

…The first cup of coffee in the morning.


…running in the nature during spring while it rise and shines back to life, after a long and cold winter.


…Meeting an old friend and realising nothing has changed.


…Eating delicious vegan food with clear conscience.


…Taking your makeup off, after a long day of work and/or school.


…Laughing until your stomach hurts.


…Enjoying a cup of tea while reading a good book.


What makes you happy?

Hugs. ❤

Minimalistic Spring/Summer

  1. Purse 2. Grey dress 3. Black jeans 4. Puma sneakers 5. Leather caps 6.Bodysuit

7. Shades 8. Boyfriend jeans 9. Nike tights

  1. Army shirt 2. Hoodie

Here you go, some spring/summer style inspiration for you all, I love all of the items and would much rather have them hanging in my closet. Admittedly, I really look forward to working after finals, earn some money, and start shopping!

Moreover, it might not seem like it, but I actually used A LOT of time making this collages… before I found out that this is like the  easiest thing ever, so feel kinda dumb now..heh. Indeedly, I am still getting used to blogging, but I am getting there! -And I like it. ❤

Soon friday lovebugs, stay strong ;*