Since last time

…I’ve started working again at Avis. I worked there last year too, but not long enough to learn everything fully, and be confident in the computer system. I’m better than I’ve ever been tho, so it looks promising! 

…Had some quality time with my nearest friends and family, which has been a true joy! Unfortunately, I’m a sucker at remembering to take photos while I’m at it. I’m working on it and I’m going to get better! 

…Cut my hair a lot shorter than it was! Even though it’s something to get used to because it’s so different, I’m glad it’s done. I feel refreshed now that I don’t carry with me all the split ends and fuzz everywhere I go. 

…Read two books, “The Alchemist” and “#GIRLBOSS”. They were both a good read and you have absolutely nothing to lose by reading them too. It was wonderful to get an humorous and honest insight of Sophia Amoruso’s journey. And Paulo Cohelo serves words of wisdom on every page of “The Alchemist”. 

…Had some great outdoor workouts. I’ve mostly done cardio, so I’ll admit I’m worried about my booty gains… But it’s all good because I’ll get a gym membership tomorrow, and I’m SO stoked! I literally cannot wait to get back to the weights!!


Anyone else?

It’s so wierd to me how fucked up the world has gotten over the years. How did we even get to this point? Humans who are in fact plant eaters, eat dead corpses and torture other beings for no logical reason. People preferring lies over truth for comfort. A system so corrupt all you can do is laugh. People striving to buy high end brands to show wealth, when they’re literally just mindless advertisers for the richer. We like to think that humans are the most intelligent race walking on this earth, but I’ve honestly never seen or heard of anyone dumber. 


Uphill -where the magic happens

When I am out running and I get to the part where the hills are at their steepest, I have one sentence that I always tell myself repeatedly until I get to the top; “This is where the magic happens. This is where the magic happens.” It is when you feel like dying, that the real changes appear. Both mentally and physically.

When you are so drained you feel like dropping to the ground gasping for air and surrendering to the lactic acid. That is where the magic happens. That is when you should find the inner strength to let the pain transform you into a better version of yourself. Similarly, this applies to every aspects of your life. If you ever feel unmotivated, drained, hopeless, uninspired and sad -tell yourself “this is where the magic happens”. In the end, when the pain leaves your body you are standing as a sharper, shinier, stronger and better diamond than you have ever been. Keep going.

Wednesday motivation

This week has been, and will continue to be very hectic. I am working all seven days, and there is a lot of work to do, therefore, I am completely exhausted at the time I get home. On the other hand, I am very happy that I have the opportunity to earn as much money as I possibly can this summer. It will for sure come in handy! Besides, I have the day off this upcoming monday, and on that occation I made an appointment at the hairdresser -which works as a motivation to give a hundred percent this week. I can not wait to be fresh and blonde again, and to show you the result.

Happiness is…

…The first cup of coffee in the morning.


…running in the nature during spring while it rise and shines back to life, after a long and cold winter.


…Meeting an old friend and realising nothing has changed.


…Eating delicious vegan food with clear conscience.


…Taking your makeup off, after a long day of work and/or school.


…Laughing until your stomach hurts.


…Enjoying a cup of tea while reading a good book.


What makes you happy?

Hugs. ❤

No way back

Now that I have gotten somewhat far in the process of turning blonde again, I ofcourse catch myself looking through pictures from my dark brunette days.

Oh, the struggle of being indecisive. 

Anyways, the dilemma is made, I simply can not colour my hair every second week -and I will always be blonde at heart, after all.  Despite the long process it takes to get my natural haircolour back, I am happy that I tried something new. At least, now I know how I look with dark hair, and I can let go of the ongoing, irritating questions; “what if I suit that haircolour better?” and “how would I look?”.

Wish you all a great day ❤