Protein sources

As you all know I’m in a period where I’m trying to build muscle, I’m also in college and I bet some of my readers are too. Therefore, I’m going to show my main protein sources and tell you all about how it’s going so far. Hopefully it’ll help someone else in my shoes and inspire others who are thinking about veganism or vegan fitness, OR people who are thinking about their health.

As you can imagine, I were conserned coming to the U.S, because I’d heard so many junk food stories about this country before my arrival. I were afraid there would be little to none healthy options and most of all vegan options. Luckily, I were pleasant surprised when I walked into the DS (dining service) for the first time. There were many healthy options and a big salad-bar.

Now to the protein. My main sources for protein in my meals are various beans, chickpeas, lentils, spinach and broccoli. That’s basically what my lunch and dinner consists of.

My breakfast is my usual oatmeal with berries and fruit. Sometimes I add peanut butter for extra protein.

If I feel hungry when DS is closed I eat this marvellous black bean soup with 18 grams of protein. I’m thrilled that I found it in a store nearby!

After workouts or as a snack I usually eat one of my Clif protein bars – vegan, of course. They taste amazing, even better than non-vegan ones.

Last but not least, my pea protein powder!! When you mix it with cashew milk, soy milk or almond milk it tastes like heaven, hands down. It’s 25 grams of protein per serving and 130 calories. Love it!

Hope you liked it, if you have any questions feel free to ask!

Wish you all an amazing saturday.

Sustainable Lifestyle (part two)

The three pillars of sustainability:

Economical development

This is the issue that proves the most problematic as most people disagree on political ideology what is and is not economically sound, and how it will affect businesses and by extension, jobs and employability. Economic development is about giving people what they want without compromising quality of life, especially in the developing world, and reducing the financial burden of doing what’s right.

Social development

This pillar contains first of all; awareness of and legislation protection of the health of people from pollution and other harmful activities of business and other organisations. Secondly, the importance of maintaining access to basic resources without compromising the quality of life. Sustainable housing  and how we can better build the homes we live in from sustainable material, is also a hot topic today. The final element is education – encouraging people to participate in environmental sustainability and teaching them about the effects of environmental protection as well as warning of the dangers if we cannot achieve our goals

Environmental protection

The tremendous harm we do to our environment today is the primary concern for the future of humanity. Environmental protection defines how we should study and protect our ecosystems, air quality, integrity and sustainability of our resources and focusing on the elements that stresses our environment. In addition,it concerns how technology will drive our greener future; the EPA recognized that developing technology is key to this sustainability, and protecting the environment of the future from potential damage that technological advances could potentially bring

The primary goals of having a sustainable lifestyle.

  • End poverty and hunger
  • Better our standards of education and healthcare.
  • Sustainability to include health of our land, air and sea.
  • Tackling the effects of climate change, pollution, and other environmental factors that harms people’s health, lives, and livelihood.

I could have written so much more about this subject, but I decide to end it here. I’ll get back to it on a later occasion, I don’t want to overflow you with too much text and information at once.

Just some quick facts to end it with.

The main source of environmental harm

The meat industry/ animal agriculture – THE ONE INDUSTRY THAT HARMS OUR PLANET MORE THAN ANY OTHER.

  • A source of 51% of all greenhouse gasses.
  • A meatbased diet requires 18 times more land than a plantbased diet.
  • Responsible for 65% of the all human caused nitrous oxide emissions (a greenhouse gas with 296 times the global warming potential of carbon dioxide).
  • Number 1 cause of rainforest destruction.
  • Responsible for 91% of the Amazon rainforest destruction.


Everyday ONE vegan saves:

  • 1100 gallons of water
  • 45 pounds of grain
  • 30 sq. ft. of forest land
  • 20lbs CO2 equivalent
  • 1 animals life
  • A vegan diet also cut our carbon footprint by 50%.

Being a superhero has never been easier. Go vegan.

Puh! that’s it for sustainability today.

Have an awesome day!


“What Is Sustainability and Why Is It Important?” Environmental Science. N.p., n.d. Web.


8 Reasons to smile

  1. Bernie Sanders is coming out with a new book soon. You bet I’ll buy it the very moment it’s out!


2. Newsflash bitches! It actually exists vegan bacon. So for all of you saying “you can’t go vegan because of bacon” (?!!!?), you can no longer use that as an excuse. Bye Felicia.

3. Somewhere in the world, this bookstore exists, I think it’s in Greece? If you know, please tell me! Regardless, I’ll find it, and I’ll use all my money when I get there.

4. Always remember; age is just a number! Time is an illusion, your spirit decides how old you are.

5. You can never be fully educated, there is always more to learn, read and be curious about. Be interested, instead of trying to play interesting. 😉

6. Let me introduce you to the longboardstroller, everyone. I repeat, longboardstroller.


When I become a parent, I swear, that kid is gonna go through so much shit like this. hahaha. I ain’t even sorry.

7. The Seabin Project.

Australian surfers turned entrepreneurs Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinski are the founders of the Seabin Project. This simple little gadget is poised to make a big difference in oceans across the world. Designed to be set up in marinas and ports, the floating rubbish bin is powered by an on-shore water pump, filtering through water and collecting the garbage as it accumulates within the system. Low maintenance and low cost, the rubbish bin is highly effective and engineered to run all day, every day, slowly but surely cleaning our oceans.

8. There’s always coming a new day tomorrow. No matter how hard this day may feel, you can go to bed, wake up after a good night of sleep, eat a healthy brekfast and get a new chance to make that day better.

I hope this post made you feel better!

Good night. ❤

Banana cinnamon toast

For breakfast this morning I decided to make a new twist to my meal. Usually, I make different varieties of oatmeal bowls, but today I changed it up with banana cinnamon waffle toast. Not to brag or anything, but it tasted like heaven.. 😉

Firstly, I took two slices of bread and smeared them with coconut butter/oil, before I left them in the waffle iron. Thereupon, I let them heat while I made my regular cup of coffee, and sliced one banana. When the toast where  ready I decorated it with banana and cinnamon. This process only took me about five minutes. Easy peacy.

If you want to take this meal to an higher level, you can also smear the toast with chocolate or peanut butter and/or cocosa sugar. I mean c’mon, it is saturday. Unfortunately for me, I did not have any of those available today, but it is just a tip.

Have a great day. ❤

Uphill -where the magic happens

When I am out running and I get to the part where the hills are at their steepest, I have one sentence that I always tell myself repeatedly until I get to the top; “This is where the magic happens. This is where the magic happens.” It is when you feel like dying, that the real changes appear. Both mentally and physically.

When you are so drained you feel like dropping to the ground gasping for air and surrendering to the lactic acid. That is where the magic happens. That is when you should find the inner strength to let the pain transform you into a better version of yourself. Similarly, this applies to every aspects of your life. If you ever feel unmotivated, drained, hopeless, uninspired and sad -tell yourself “this is where the magic happens”. In the end, when the pain leaves your body you are standing as a sharper, shinier, stronger and better diamond than you have ever been. Keep going.

Every day magic

It is amazing what healthy food, exercise and nature can do to your mind. I feel so good after day containing those factors. Speaking of which, I improvised today and made a vegan stew whom turned out to be delicious!

Thereupon, it gave me so much energy that I had to go out running. The weather was perfect for a run today, so I really enjoyed it.

Wish you all the very best! ❤

Happiness is…

…The first cup of coffee in the morning.


…running in the nature during spring while it rise and shines back to life, after a long and cold winter.


…Meeting an old friend and realising nothing has changed.


…Eating delicious vegan food with clear conscience.


…Taking your makeup off, after a long day of work and/or school.


…Laughing until your stomach hurts.


…Enjoying a cup of tea while reading a good book.


What makes you happy?

Hugs. ❤